Private Proxies – Review

Private Proxies – Review

December 20, 2011 Reviews 0

Are you looking for an affordable solution to your proxy needs? Have you found that public proxies too frustrating and unreliable to use? Let me show you a small company that offers some great cost-saving alternatives.

I’m sure some of you made the same mistake as me when buying a copy of the latest SEO tool only to realise you needed to spend an extra $xx dollars per month on private proxies to make the bloody thing work….annoying, yes I know.

What Are Private Proxies?

A proxy server is simply a ‘middle man’ between yourself (your PC specifically) and the website (the server it’s hosted on) that you are trying to visit.

By using proxies you can make it appear that you are multiple people from multiple locations visiting a site.  This is why many tools such as scrapebox make use of them.

What Private Proxies Do I Use?

I use proxies supplied by, so far their service has been excellent, I get my proxies sent to me within 10 minutes after most orders.  BuyProxies are one of the cheapest proxy providers I have found on the net.  What makes them really cheap is their Shared Proxies they offer.

The shared proxies are shared between you and 2 other people.  I have always used their shared proxies and have never had any problems with them when using scrapebox.  You can purchase 10 proxies for $10 which is enough to do all the scraping you want on scrapebox.

I only use the manual poster function with scrapebox, I hate blog comment spam myself, if you want to use scrapebox to spam 1000’s of comments then you may need more proxies.  But for most other functions on scrapebox 5-10 proxies will suffice.

How Good Is The Price?

Compared to some of the other well known proxy suppliers on the net BuyProxies is good value for money.  Take a look at the comparison table below. As you can see SquidProxies are priced the same per proxy, however their minimum order is 100 proxies which takes them out of my budget and most peoples needed budget for proxies for SEO tools.

YPP work out $2.97 per proxy, but these are private proxies which are better as you are the only one who has access to them, meaning there is less chance of the proxy getting banned. BuyProxies will replace any proxy that has been banned with another one straight away so this isn’t too much of a problem when using their shared proxies.

Squid Proxies

Minimum spend $100/mo

  • Shared Proxies.
  • Minimum order 100 Proxies.
  • $1 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).

Your Private Proxy

Minimum spend $6.97/mo

  • Private Proxies Only.
  • Minimum order 1 Proxies.
  • $6.97 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).

Buy Proxies

Minimum spend $10/mo

  • Shared Proxies
  • Minimum order 10 Proxies.
  • $1 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).

Buyproxies gives you the best bang for buck, their website isn’t the best looking in the world but don’t let that deter you from trying them out. I have used them for a number of years now and have served me very well.

For someone starting out in the world of IM these make a excellent, budget conscious introduction into proxies. I haven’t outgrown the $10 proxy package I purchased a few years back. If you find yourself needing more the larger packages available offer even better discounts.

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