What is Outsprung?

Outsprung is an online UX review service run by me, Paul. Our main aim is to offer high quality feedback on your product or website from a usability perspective.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience and it’s become a bit of a buzz word in recent years. Basically it refers to the experience a user has with your product (a product could be a website, app, even a brochure).

Why is UX important?

Well you remember that last time you got pissed off trying to use a certain product or service, ask yourself what kind of impressions did it leave you of the brand? I bet it was probably negative right? UX is incredibly broad and covers every aspect of your business. To not care about the user experience is basically like slapping your customers in the face.

Are there other services like Outsprung?

Yes there are, but we’d be surprised if you found one at a better price/quality ratio. Other review services cost in the $xxx range and we are yet to find another service like ours at our price point. If you are interested in researching the options take a look at UserTesting & WhatUsersDo. Bear in mind that these are not UX experts reviewing your sites, most are just online workers.

But wait, you are not our typical user demographic, is it still worth using a service like this?

Of course testing with actual users is always the best option but that can be incredibly difficult to do. Let’s put it like this, if you can’t test your product with actual users someone like Outsprung is definitely the second best option. While we might not be your typical user demographic we are pretty good at putting ourselves in other peoples shoes. Afterall as designers we are usually doing this for our clients.

Getting feedback from a UX expert on Outsprung can highlight points that your typical user might miss.

How long will you spend reviewing my product?

We will spend 10 minutes in the test going over your product either following your own test scenario or our preferred testing scenario. If your website/service/product has any problems we’ll certainly find them within this time.

Will you be honest?

You may regret this but yes we are completely honest in our feedback, some even say coldhearted but we don’t hold anything back. If something looks bad, unprofessional or could do with some improving we’ll be sure to tell you.

Great, so I’m just going to get 10 minutes of you slagging off my product?

No, of course not, when ever we spot something wrong we will recommend how to fix it and if there isn’t an instant fix (some issues in UX can be very nuanced) we’ll help talk through with you and brainstorm how you might approach and solve the problem.

I have more questions?

That’s fine, just send us an email or tweet us @outsprung and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have.