Scrapebox Review – The All-In-One SEO Tool (Updated 2016)

December 15, 2011 Linkbuilding Tools 6

Updated July 2016

Scrapebox has long been described as the ‘swiss army knife’ of seo tools.  I have been using scrapebox for over 4 years and can testify to this statement fully.  Some of my highest quality backlinks have come from utilizing scrapebox and for something that costs $57 (using the cheapskate coupon link) as a one-off payment I think scrapebox should be any link builders first purchase, find out why in my scrapebox review.

Before I go any further in this review I would like to point out that to run scrapebox YOU WILL NEED PRIVATE PROXIES.  This can cost you from $5-20 per month and will cover most requirements. Check out my review of, a very popular, affordable proxy provider.  If you are not willing to pay $5 extra per month to buy private proxies then this tool is not for you.

Is Scrapebox Still Effective in 2015?

Most definitely! Some of the original features that made Scrapebox so popular in it’s early days have decreased in effectiveness over recent years. Thankfully, Google updates have made the auto spamming features redundant. The low quality method of link building has long been dead so don’t let that put you off from purchasing scrapebox. It still can be used to scrape and filter relevant, high pr blogs and then use the manual poster feature built into scrapebox to build quality links for example.

And let me assure you, it does work!

Using Majestic SEO to have a quick look at my backlinks I can see some of my top rated backlinks are from blog comments. On top of that I’m still getting referral traffic from these comments as I was able to find pages with very low outbound links so I have more chance of a visitor reading and clicking on my name.

Is Manual Blog Commenting Still Effective?

Using scrapebox for manual commenting is time consuming, however, it is the most effective way to use scrapebox, you will have a much higher rate of approval if you visit each individual blog and leave a relevant, helpful blog comment.

I have had some success with using scrapebox to autopost trackbacks to my blog list.  I have found that approval rate for well constructed trackbacks is much higher than generic spun comments used for spamming blogs.

Finding Blogs

It really is easy to build a decent list of high pr, relevant blogs in literally 15 mins.  Check out the video below to see a quick tutorial on how I find blogs.  This is a very basic tutorial and it is all you need to do to get a list of a few hundred high pr blogs.  This will be enough to get you started building links with scrapebox.  There are many other ways to search for blogs, there are 1,000′s of different string combinations you can put together to find exactly what you are looking for.

Believe me you are not going to want a list of 1000’s of blogs when you are doing manual posting, it will take you forever to get through them all.  A few high pr, relevant blog comments will do wonders for your SERP’s.  The key is to put the effort into commenting on each blog so it gets approved.

Buying Lists

If you want to build quality backlinks then stay away from buying autoapprove lists or any list in fact.  Most of these lists are likely to be sold to hundreds, maybe even thousands of other internet marketers who own scrapebox.  Most of the blogs in autoapprove lists have been heavily spammed.  Ive seen pages with over 20,000 comments on them and the backlinks from these are not even worth your time.  The only instance where you should buy and use autoapprove lists is for  building backlinks to your backlinks to help get them indexed and give a little link juice to your higher quality backlinks.


You will probably quickly grow bored of manually submitting to 100’s of blogs every month and this where the beauty of outsourcing comes in to play.  Scrapebox allows you to only run one license per pc BUT you can run as many copies of scrapebox as you want on that pc.  So what a lot of people do is buy a vps server and activate their license on that vps.  With the license activated on the vps you can run multiple versions of scrapebox on that machine.

What you do is create multiple logins to the vps server, and allow your virtual assistants to login and use a copy of scrapebox.

You can run as many copies of scrapebox as your machine can handle, you can hire 3-4 virtual workers to login and work on scrapebox 24/7.

Scrapebox is also an analysis tool

One of the most common functions I use scrapebox for (now that I have outsourced the link building side) is using scrapebox to analyze my competitors and my own backlinks.  In 5 minutes you can get a complete run down of every backlink you competitor has, you can then work out the page rank, whether these pages are dofollow, whether they can be commented on (effectively stealing your competitors backlink sources) and many other things.

The list goes on, but i’m only going to tell you my own experience with scrapebox and this is all I have used the tool for.  I hope you can now understand why I recommend this as an essential purchase for any internet marketer, for a one off payment of $57 + $5 per month for some private proxies, it’s a bargain!

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  1. Luke

    February 3, 2012

    Scrapebox is the only tool I have so far (paid for that is).

    It lost a little bit of its brilliance when yahoo site explorer was shutdown, do you still find its good for grabbing competitor links still? which plugin do you use?

    I generally do the harvest by keyword, sort by page rank and then manual comment. I really should get round to trying out some other techniques too.

    p.s. got a new personal site, still needs some work - but building up now.

    • Paul

      February 5, 2012

      its not the tool it once was sure, but no tool will last forever and be effective, times change and google seems to change every day.

      i still think its an essential purchase however

  2. Nicole Phenix

    November 10, 2012

    Im just now getting back to using Scrapebox. I havent used it to analyze backlinks yet-Good tips! thanks

  3. george

    January 15, 2015

    I have to say that it is a ok program with some evil people behind it. I asked too many questions and complained that it does not work. THey disabled my software completely. I bought also 2 plugins so the total rip off was around 90 usd. THe owner with nick name SWEETFUNNY is a horrible woman, and developer of this software. But what can you expect from a person who created software for mass spam anyways. Horrid experience. CUstomers needs to ask questions and get support they just disabled the software without any refund .....I have proof on my blog

  4. Rahul Yadav

    April 14, 2015

    Great article, am trying out this now!

  5. webtady

    October 15, 2016

    Thanks for the review. I am in a confusing situation whether I buy it or not. Its help me a lot to decide.

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