About Paul

Me in China, memories, memories, memories.

Hi, my name is Paul Manwaring, I live in London, UK and I want to break-free of working the mundane, 9 to 5 existence for the rest of my life.

This is ultimately (and I’m sure for the most of you reading this too) my goal in life.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started in the online world.  My resume really isn’t that exciting but I hope, if anything, it will give you some inspiration as it just goes to show, you don’t need any experience to make money online, anyone can do it!

A Few Years Back

I love music, I always have and at the age of 16 I got my first DJ Decks and Mixer, I loved to DJ and regulary visited music forums where I downloaded and shared mixes with the community on the forum.

I had the idea to start my own DJ mix hosting site, I had no programming or web design knowledge (and still dont).  I paid a large fee to get a website created and basically learnt the hard way about marketing, advertising, traffic generation.  I didn’t plan for any of this, I just wanted a site to store music and jumped in head first.  Not doing this forward planning was a mistake that I would never make again.  I wasted alot of money and looking back I could have made a much better site with the money, and that was how I first became a presence online.

The site (www.beatplexity.com) is still running today and is one of the largest dj mix archives on the net.  I hope to redesign it in 2012 and make it even better!

I then created a blog to share with people all the dj mixes on beatplexity and www.beatsfortheplanet.com was born.  It was my first wordpress blog and I fell in love with WP after that.  It was so easy to use and I wished my first site was built around WP.  I could create nice looking posts, add images, videos, all in a matter of minutes.

It was only about 1 year after creating the blog that I decided to try and make some money from these sites (I created them with no money making plan, I just did it for the love of music). I was getting a good amount of traffic approximately 2000 visits per day but it turns out music is not a very profitable niche haha.  However I managed to cover my costs of the blog hosting and quickly my blog was earning around $100 per month.

It was a good thing I decided to add some advertising to my site, as I was soon leaving to travel around Asia and needed every penny I could get.

$100 doesnt sound like a lot here in the UK, but it really helped me when I was travelling Asia.  $100 can pay for your food for the whole month!  I planned to travel 18 months, but due to the fact I had a consistent, additional income supply from my blog and the fact i could update and work on it where ever i was in the world, I was able to travel for 30 months!

I quickly started to research ways to bring more visitors to my website and how to make more money. I discovered Digital point forums and Warrior forums and this really did open my eyes to the possibilities of Internet marketing. During my time travelling I didn’t have money to spend on creating websites so all I could do was research and learn from these forums. Beware, while these forums are a wealth of information you can easily waste hours and hours reading conflicting threads about every minute detail of Internet marketing and SEO.

That Moment Of Clarity

It was while travelling that I realised what I wanted to do in my life.  I did many fantastic things while travelling but if there was one thing that I could take from travelling it would be that moment when I realised.

Hey I could make money online, work for myself, be free and travel the world or do whatever I wanted.

I arrived back home in mid 2011 with this thought constantly in my head and decided to do something about it. I soon had a job and income to spend setting up new websites and projects which would hopefully make me money. I hope I can implement everything I’ve learned from these forums into my own websites and make money to reach my goal.