8 Easy Gigs To Sell on Fiverr

8 Easy Gigs To Sell on Fiverr

July 22, 2015 Make Money Online 5

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy pretty much anything for five dollars, or at least that’s the basic idea behind the service.

Truth be told, most sellers require you to buy their gig extras to get your order back the way you truly want it to be, whether a vector logo or a video testimonial in HD.

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The beauty of selling on Fiverr is the sheer number of potential clients you can attract, just take a look at the screenshot above for one of my gigs, on one day it was shown to over 120,000 visitors! But what if you don’t have any ideas as to what you could sell on Fiver?

Throw out your worries and start reading, because here’s a list of eight really easy gigs to make money with on Fiverr.


If you have any particular set of skills, such as graphics design or writing, you should start by offering those types of services on Fiverr.

You know you can do the work, so the only worry is to get some sales, and we have an excellent guide on how to increase those sales that you can find right here.

Take Action: Get a pen and paper and brainstorm for 20 minutes all the skills you feel you have. Doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it is. If you can type 50 word per minute, write it down. Really good at hula hoop? write it down.

Next head over to fiverr and search for all the skills you brainstormed.


Take a look at some of the most popular gigs and see what they offer. In order to appeal to the customer you are going to have to provide better quality than what they are already offering.



If you don’t possess any skills that could be turned into profit with Fiverr (or lack the imagination to turn those skills into something that would sell), then reselling what others do is a superb way of making money.

It does take a little bit effort to find those perfect services to resell, but when you do find them the money is a whole lot easier to earn than by having to do the work yourself. Just a quick search on Upwork and we found someone needed a travel writer for a job with an estimated budget of $1000.


You can sign up to a number freelancing sites that are requesting jobs and then hire Fiverr workers to complete the task. The first few orders you will probably have to take a hit as you’ll need to undercut all of the other bidders on the jobs. As you gain more orders and also positive reviews, you’ll start being able to bid on more lucrative jobs.

After we found a job on Upwork we headed over to Fiverr to see if there were any suitable gigs. We found the perfect gig. Now all we would need to do is send a great pitch to the employer on Upwork and hope we got the job.


Social media

Some would not consider social media a skill per say, but there are many agencies making hefty profits by handling the social media channels for companies and corporations all over the world.

If you consider yourself a popular figure in your social media circles and have thousands of followers, your work will be easy, as you can just sell shout outs.

If not, then you have to get creative and need to determine why a potential customer would choose you to handle their social media.

Your own profiles are an excellent portfolio here, and by building your own online presence, you can easily turn it into a selling point later on.

Workout routines and diet plans

Are you a gym-a-holic? Have a ripped body? If you truly are one of those people who live, love and breathe exercise and healthy lifestyle, you are bound to have a killer workout routine or diet plan; and what better way to create some additional income than spreading your healthy lifestyle as a gig on Fiverr?


A nifty way to increase your earnings here is to widen the scope of your services, for example by offering customized meal plans, workout routines or personal training via Skype.



Do you consider yourself funny? If you do, then you could sell funny scripts for videos, greeting card writing, sketch video creation or anything else that you might find enjoyable.

By enjoying what you do, you vastly increase the chances of your clients liking your services as well and you know what that means don’t you? Retention customers.

English mother*cker, do you speak it?


If English is your strong suit, why not offer proofreading services? You might not be the most talented writer on the planet, but you surely can fix the mistakes others made after they wrote something.

Many people want to have a different set of eyes read through something they wrote or hired a writer for, just to be sure there aren’t any horrifying mistakes in the text.

Also, there are no real superstar writers on Fiverr selling their services for five dollars, so you can easily expand to writing even if you don’t consider your skills to be sufficient enough.

Chances are, you are ten times better than some of the sellers who don’t even know the difference between an isle and an aisle.

Business is business – Even on Fiverr

Are you marketing guru or a wizard of finance at your day job? Well, if you are, you’re probably doing something wrong if you’re trying to earn some pocket money by working on Fiverr… But nevertheless, selling you professional services on Fiverr is an excellent way to earn some extra money, and it’s usually a potential for some very high earnings.

Try offering professional consultation (remember to list your professional experience so that people actually believe that you know what you’re talking about) via Skype for a half hour as a gig extra. You might find it a positive surprise in cash flow.

Virtual assistance

If you have absolutely no experience of qualifications or skills or anything, and cannot seem to find anything to resell on Fiverr, try this. List your gig for being someone’s virtual assistant for 20 minutes for example.

You won’t be turning into Warren Buffet in regards of your bank account funds, but at least you’re getting some work to do. There are lots of people out there who needs someone to make calls or send email on their behalf. This type of work is pretty easy and will likely lead to more work if the employer likes your work ethic.

There you go people, see how easy it is? Go have a look at our tips for increasing your sales on Fiverr and don’t forget to actually try these things out, sign up to fiverr here and get 1 free gig to spend. It’s not like we just came up with this stuff you know, it does really work!

If you have had successes with any of the above we have listed we would love to hear from you.

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    Nice stuff you've got here, but I run into problems outsourcing from fiverr or to fiverr, it's either delivery time problem or multiple reviews. I think having a huge profit margin is the best way to go in outsourcing.

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    Nice post, thanks for the tips. Let me chip in some tips, it is very important to have your gigs proofread forget you. No buyer will be ready to do business with you once they cite error in your gigs. I wish you the best of luck on fiverr

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