5 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page

5 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page

So you want to start building an email list, or sell a product or service. You have spent months creating the product and now it’s time to put it out there to the world. You know your product is awesome and that it offers value to the customers yet your sales are nowhere near your projected figures or even worse, you have yet to make a sale. How can this be? If you are certain it’s not the product then most of the fingers will either point at the quality of traffic or your landing page.

Before you sink your hard earned cash into ppc, seo or other traffic generation techniques you need to make sure your landing page is in complete order. It’s no good having a half assed page that you send clicks to. Clicks that you have probably paid a lot for!

A¬†landing page is the face of your product, it’s the first point of call for a visitor and there are a few very simple ways to engage with the users and convert them into customers. In this article we’ll look at 5 essentials ways to optimize your landing page to maximize conversions.

If I Want Red Sock, Give Me Red Socks!

red-socksIf you tell a user that they will be able to buy red socks by clicking on an ad you sure as hell better hope you have some red socks to sell them when they arrive on your page. It’s important that both your landing page and ad copy be relevant, not only to the targeted user but also to each other. You are paying for every click you receive so you need to make sure when the visitor arrives on the landing page they are engaged and find the answer to their question right away.

Be as clear as possible what you are selling and do not force the user to have to scroll down the page to find out what your are selling.

What Makes Your Product Special?

With regards to anything you sell, you need to make sure your unique selling point is a powerful one. Your USP is what set’s you out from the rest of the competition. It’s going to be, what you hope, will convince the viewer to make a purchase.

Your landing page should put this point across immediately and effectively. There are a few ways of doings this:

  • Include testimonials from people who use your product.
  • Demonstrations of your product in action. A professional, well presented video is an easy way to do this.
  • Comparison with your competitor to show what you do better.

Call to Action

We test a lot of websites every month¬†and this is what I bring up the most throughout my tests. It amazes that some websites have NO call to action what-so-ever. They just magically expect the visitor to know where to navigate and what to do next. Let me assure you, they don’t.

Without a call to action your landing page is near enough useless. You can have the best content in the world but if you do not inspire or instruct the visitor to take the next step they will likely exit the page.

Many people get confused and think the CTA is the link to buy the product. This is not true, a CTA can be for just about anything, watching a video, signing up to a newsletter, installing some free software or to buy the product. Think carefully what you want a visitor to do.

Your CTA should be one of the most prominent parts on your landing page and preferably above the fold. Avoid having more than one call to action on a page, its ok to duplicate the call to action, say one button at the top and one at the bottom but do not instruct the user to do two different things so as to not confuse them.


janThis refers to the placement and emphasis on content on your landing page. Jan Tschichold, one of the masters of typography and layout provides us with a brilliant example of the use of layout and font weights to highlight the key information in a poster from 1937. Notice the use of line, form and weight in the poster.

Think of what is the most important information on your landing page and how it’s placement and scale can draw the visitors attention.

A very good tip to see what on your page is standing out the most is to squint while looking at the page. Most of the clutter will disappear and you should just be able to faintly see only the most eye catching elements on a page.

Another way to see the effectiveness of your page is to perform a usability test on the page with a panel of testers, UsabilityHub.com is an excellent free tool which allows you to earn credits by performing tests for other websites to earn credits which you can use to run your own tests.

Text Is Boring

THIS-IS-GROUND-MODThe Nielson Norman Group performed a study and concluded that on an average visit a user will read about 20-28% of the words on a page. To get around this shockingly low percentage we can use image and video to help capture the users attention.

Take a look at the landing page from This Is Ground (right) who use photography (and an nice simple layout and call to action) to get their message across about their wonderfully designed, modular wallet. They let their product do the talking and the beautifully muted tones and simple composition tell you more about the product in a few seconds than a page of text ever could.

Some studies have shown that using video can boost conversions by as much as 80%. A good example of the use of video is Shane Melaugh’s blog IMImpact. Instead of writing about himself, his blog and how it can help a visitor he instead has opted for a video introduction. When I visited it I immediately clicked on it and ended up watching the entire video. I’m pretty sure I would not have read the equivalent of this video in text form. So as you can see it works well for this type of information blog.

Once you have your landing page designed and setup the next step is to create a few variations and perform split testing to see what variation performs the best. This is a crucial, ongoing test that you should be performing on all landing pages. Take a look at our comparison of the cheapest split testing services available. Or consider using a service such as InstaPages (these are who I use) which come with landing page temples, split testing built in and more.

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